4 Must-Have Custom Apparel Items for Your Volleyball Team

July 7, 2022

Volleyball is a sport that can be played at any age or stage of life, making it extremely fun to watch and engage in. However, if you or your children take it seriously, you'll want to make sure you have all the proper apparel. Here's a quick breakdown of the various volleyball apparel that every player will inevitably require.

  1. Team Practice Shirts

Every volleyball player should have a variety of lightweight, athletic shirts for practice, and every team wants to look professional while working out together. Practice shirts offer a tremendous opportunity for customization, in part because their moisture-wicking materials work well for screen printing. There are many advantages to wearing team gear, and practice shirts are an excellent way to keep volleyball players inspired to keep working hard and raising their game!

2. Team Sweatpants

Every volleyball player is aware that a tournament day may include three or more matches, which means that teams will need to stay warm in the interim as they wait to play their next game. Customized sweatpants are more than simply a fashion statement because they help to keep players warm and ready for improved performances. 

3. Team Hoodies

Similar to wearing sweatpants, volleyball players need to stay warm in between tournament games by donning personalized hoodies. Hoodies keep players warm while also promoting camaraderie.

4. Spirit Wear Team Pullovers

Nearly all volleyball teams will also have pullover team shirts to wear instead of their hoodies, however it may not be entirely necessary. In addition to keeping volleyball players feeling confident on and off the court, pullovers are a terrific way to display team spirit over the course of the school day and other everyday activities.

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