Summer Sports Tips for Surviving the Heat

June 2, 2022

Summer is quickly approaching, and it's the perfect time for youngsters to get outside and participate in sports! Summer sports are a great way to meet new people and gain strength. The heat, on the other hand, is a serious worry in the summer. The bodies of adolescents are less efficient in cooling than those of adults. Dehydration, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke are more common among children. By understanding how to keep your players cool in the heat, you can prevent heat-related illness and maintain your composure as a coach.

Prepare Ahead for Warmer Weather

As a coach, keep an eye on the weather forecast for your next game or practice. Scout out some shaded locations to take water breaks before practice. Make sure your players have lots of drinks and are dressed correctly for the heat. As the temperature rises, feel free to alter the length, intensity, and equipment used in your practice.

Maintain Open Lines of Communication

High temperatures and humidity are especially dangerous, but children may not recognize the indications of heat exhaustion. Discuss typical symptoms with your athletes, such as headaches, dizziness, or fatigue. Maintain open lines of contact with your players so they feel comfortable approaching you if they become ill.

Stay Hydrated at All Times

Bring lots of water with you so that the players can drink whenever they want. Players should be able to sip water easily throughout practice.  Electrolyte-based sports drinks can aid with hydration, but due to the high sugar content, they should be consumed in moderation. Caffeine-containing beverages should be avoided because they can dehydrate you. Make the most of snack breaks by supplying fruit to your players to provide them with energy and water.

Make Sure You Have Ice Packs and Spray Bottles on Hand

Pack ice and cold packs in a cooler for athletes to use on their bodies. Keeping a spray bottle full of water on hand for a quick spritz during breaks can also help in staying cool in the sun. They can also cool down by wetting a hat with cold water before putting it on.

Use Cold Towels

Using cooling towels is one of the most effective ways to stay cool in the summer. You can buy microfiber cooling towels or simply place washcloths in a cooler filled with ice to keep them cool. For a rapid cool-down during practice, you can apply them on their necks, foreheads, or pulse points.
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