Is Your Team in Need of a New Uniform Design? Take a Look Back in Time

April 14, 2022

Is it time for your school's sports teams to have a new look? Going back to a simpler time of traditional tastes is sometimes the finest approach to improve your team's look.

If the uniforms of your squad are too "busy," consider simplifying them. A single-color uniform with minor secondary coloring as a trim on the socks and shorts is one way to tidy up your uniforms while homing in on your team's brand and identity. This especially relates to sports that rely on tradition like soccer, baseball, tennis and cross country.

For more than simply color, the old banners and boards in your gym listing the team's championship seasons is another good place to start. Your school's achievements in any sport may be seen at a glance, and those years when you formed a dynasty can be pinpointed at any time, so why not represent them? Recreating the look of previous championship teams' uniforms is a sure way to help your team feel more connected to their past achievements.

If you need more inspiration, find a vintage yearbook, there you can check out what the team wore back in the day. Add a modest nod to the year of your school's inception or your first state championship win, and you'll have an outfit that will stand the test of time.

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