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Create A Store

Performance Team Sport has made it easier than ever to create a store with your very own customizable gear. Whether you are creating a store for yourself, a team, a league, school, or corporate office, Performance Team Sports can create the one-stop shop you are looking for. Take you school or league gear to the next level by setting up everything in advance. And with our same printer guarantee, you are sure to get uniforms with matching colors; no off colors or wrong shades. We provide the brands you need, including Adidas, Wilson, Schutt, Rawlings, and many more. Check out our store options below. 

Which Store is Right for You?

Team stores alleviate the headache of collecting orders. No more paperwork, no hassles, no need to chase members for payment. We track the orders, collect payment, decorate the product and package each order for easy distribution. Fundraising is easy with team stores. We give you the cost, you set the price accordingly. Once the sale is completed, your team, club, or business will receive it’s fundraising dollars.

Here’s how it works:



Choose your product from any of our catalogs. We’ll add your logos to the items and send for approval.



Next, we’ll take all the products and create a unique website for your team. You’ll receive a unique link, sale code, and flyer (upon request) to distribute.



Orders are placed online and are paid via credit card. We’ll keep track of the orders and send you order reports along the way. 



Once the site closes, we’ll order and decorate the product. Orders are packaged and labeled for easy distribution. 

Uniform Designers

Use our online uniform designers to create custom jerseys, pants, and more. Your team will stand out from the rest. Send us your design via the Contact Form and we’ll reply back with a quote. Click here to choose your brand and start designing: 

Design Now