6 Tips to Make a Sports Camp or Clinic a Success

May 12, 2022

Are you organizing a summer sports camp or clinic? Whether it's soccer, basketball, tennis, or volleyball, teaching kids about your favorite sport will be a blast. Use these tips to help you get the ball rolling.

  1. Solicit Donations - By soliciting donations to offset the expense of the camp, you may keep your costs low. Sports-related or community-oriented businesses are frequently prepared to donate in exchange for exposure. T-shirts, programs, and fliers can all bear their name.
  1. Make an activity schedule - the more structured you are, the better! If the camp is longer than one day, consider creating a daily theme centered on a specific skill or objective. Make sure you schedule pauses for water and snacks.
  1. Recruit Volunteers - Now that your camp events are scheduled, figure out how many volunteers you'll need. Consider contacting nearby high schools to attract older players who want to fulfill school requirements by volunteering.
  1. Order Uniforms - Uniforms or T-shirts in various colors will aid in grouping or teaming the children. When the participants continue to wear them throughout the summer, they will be great advertisements for you!
  1. Order Awards or Trophies - Make sure the awards are appropriate for your objectives. While you'll want to give prizes for winning, you should also give prizes for other accomplishments. 
  1. Purchase field lining paint, balls, cones, nets, whistles, clipboards, stopwatches, coolers, etc. It's time to start gathering everything you'll need for a successful camp. 

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