How to Make Certain Your Uniforms are the Color You Desire

May 5, 2022

Color is an essential component of every design. However, color matching can be difficult. Just like with a large box of crayons, it's easy to confuse laser lemon with unmellow yellow. That said, here are a few things to keep in mind while trying to match your old uniforms with this year's new uniforms.

  1. Pay Attention to Brand

While most uniform manufacturers provide a "red" or "scarlet" color, the actual shade may change from one brand to the next. It can be difficult to tell if one company's sky blue matches another's because there are so many shades of blue.

  1. Keep Fabric In Mind  

Different fabrics are regularly used to make different sports clothing parts (polyester, cotton, etc.). A jersey will almost always have a different fabric than a visor or cap. The basic fact is that different materials display the same pigment of color in different ways, even if the differences are minor.

  1. It's All About the Process

The colors may appear slightly different depending on whether we're working with heat transfer, screen print, or sublimation, that is, the procedure by which the colors and designs are applied to the uniforms. 

  1. The Effect of Lighting on Color

When opened beneath your dining room chandelier, the shade of yellow you expected may appear darker right out of the box. When comparing uniforms, taking a walk outside in the sunlight can make a huge difference. 

Though color matching may appear difficult, at Performance Team Sports we make it a point to walk our customers through each step of the process so that every item and design in an order appears perfect.

Need help customizing your school or league uniform? Visit us online at the team uniform store in Florida to let us help you get started with all your uniform needs.