Avoid These Mistakes When Ordering Custom Promotional Apparel

May 27, 2022

Every business' marketing plan must go beyond slapping a logo on some personalized clothes and calling it a day.  Successful organizations research their target consumers to learn what they look for in a brand, which leads to the promotional gear they'd appreciate and love wearing. 

Performance Team Sports has years of expertise delivering promotional materials to businesses of various types, and we know how to make the most of these marketing efforts. We've also discovered several mistakes that our clients make when it comes to promotional items. Here are five of the most common ones to be aware of when creating your personalized promotional gear:

Not Doing Enough Research on Your Target Market

It's just not true that everyone enjoys receiving free things, and this holds true for promotional custom gear. Even while many people will gladly take free clothing, you should constantly be aware that these freebies may be discarded later. This is why, before ordering promotional custom gear, your business team should conduct a thorough analysis of your target audience, because understanding your target audience on a deeper level will allow you to understand what they value and would love wearing.

Giving Away Cheap Custom Apparel That Your Target Market Isn't Interested In

When consumers forget about personalized clothes and leave it in their closets, it loses its overall worth as a promotional item. Our team is here to ensure that this never happens with your company's custom apparel, and we'll accomplish it by assisting you in selecting clothing products that are both functional and fashionable for your target demographic.

Including Excessive Information

Another common blunder is trying to do too much with their personalized clothes, such as cramming a logo, address, phone number, motto, and team photo into a single t-shirt. Adding too many elements to any custom clothes can definitely detract from the overall aesthetics of the promotional clothing, so simply prioritize the exact details that are most important to you and your target audience.

Do you want to personalize your uniforms? Performance Team Sports has made it easier than ever to set up your own store with your own customized apparel. Our team uniform store in Florida is your one-stop shop for your team, league, school or corporate office apparel and equipment needs. Visit us online to learn more.